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No two medical specialties are the same, especially when it comes to the intricacies of billing. And it is this insight that sets apart from the host of other players in the market, explaining successful two decades in the medical industry. We also recognize that this fact is all the more pronounced when it comes to the field of pathology. A pathologist differs from a general physician in requiring more than a straight forward billing function, and in that a technical component or professional component holds not much relevance here. With working for you, you can be assured of holistic pathology billing services that are customized to your needs.

Our comprehensive exposure to the medical billing industry and the nuances of coding and processing means billing specialists who surpass the best in the industry. Our foolproof billing procedure itself proves the efficacy of's systems:

Same day claim submission

For a seamless transition an Account Executive assigned to your account will guide you through the implementation phase and serve as the liaison between you and our billing team.

Claim analysis

Before your claims are submitted they are checked and double checked by our staff of certified coders and billers. If a question arises, your appointed biller will contact you and clarify, to ascertain that a claim goes through without a hitch.

Detailed reporting

At we take pride in proactive communication with our doctors and their staff. So while you will always know what your billing status is, we want you to see it clearly in black and white. We provide monthly reports detailing all billing activity. These reports are broken down by doctor, payer and practice.

Follow up

This is an area not concentrated on enough by any in-house medical staff. Ironically, this step makes all the difference in building and consolidating your returns. Without proper follow up claims can slip through the cracks, and the result is substantial A/R build up. At we focus on not letting a single claim go unresolved. If there is an issue with a particular claim we will take the necessary steps immediately and ensure that your claims are paid.

If you are a pathologist seeking a steadfast company that caters to your specific needs, look no further than! We have the experience and the capability to enhance and strengthen your practice.

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