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Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing Outsourcing at a Competitive Rate

Revenue Cycle Management is the leading revenue cycle management company serving hundreds of clients for whom we:

• Generate additional revenues

• Improve revenue management processes

• Reduce denials and bad debt

• improve cash flow

Outstanding revenues and a disorganized revenue cycle are just two of the major factors that can negatively impact the profitability and viability of hospitals and physician groups. We offer healthcare providers the best available service while providing unprecedented reporting and client care, to help protect our clients revenue and prevent losses.

Cost Management

Maintaining the status quo, however, can be costly. We can help you analyze your current revenue cycle and fix both the ability to capture revenue and collections. Our healthcare revenue experts have decades of experience providing solutions to clients ranging from from hospitals, to specialty providers, to physician practice groups. We have the experience to improve revenue capture and collections. With a mix of clients including those who outsourced their medical billing and were not happy with the processes, communication, reporting and commonly the revenue generated to those who performed revenue cycle management internally and found that they had lower key performance indicators and higher costs, we cover the spectrum of requirements.

Our staff has in-depth knowledge regarding coding, compliance, billing regulations, productivity, information systems and project management.

The revenue management team’s areas of expertise include patient scheduling, patient access, health information management, stay management, charge capture, patient accounting, information systems, project management, and education and training. he most important things you will ever do about the business aspect of your practice.

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