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Medical Accounts Receivables Consulting:

We work with many companies that have experienced issues with their receivables, and advise them on how to institute processes that enable them to increase their collections by a dramatic amount. We advise clients on how to optimally integrate software packages into the billing environment and how to ensure that best practices are being adhered to.

We specialize in managing Accounts Receivable collections for Sellers

that do not sell their receivables to the buyers when they sell their business. We have managed this transition for Nursing Homes and for other kinds of Medical related businesses. We also specialize in receiverships for skilled nursing facilities to ensure maximum recovery of receivables.

Additionally, we have engaged in projects that ensured that a hospital was being reimbursed according to the prevailing rate and renegotiated contracts with insurers based on our survey of the reimbursements in the general area. Periodically reviewing these negotiated rates can result in an impressive increase in your billing rates.

Our consulting group is led by Shmuel Gewirtzman, who has managed billing offices for over 15 years. His collections were consistently in the 99.75% range and he instituted a closed loop feedback process using six sigma methodologies to achieve those results.

Our consulting group has over 100 years of combined experience in health care billing and collections, extensive expertise in software and systems, and has run health care businesses successfully.

 If you are operating a nursing facility, a medical transportation company or providing ancillary health services and believe that you aren't collecting as much as you should, please call today for an evaluation.

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