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Billing Services is a leading provider for Medical Billing services for our clients. But we are not limited to just medical billing. We have a large staff and multiple locations to help focus on differnt services such as:

Billing Service Medical

Many companies prefer to keep an in house billing office in addition to the outsourced medical billing. To help these customers, we've developed award winning proprietary software that can help you get ahead on your aged account receivable claims. This service allows in house billing offices to post the claims themselves, but use our statusing department to follow up with the claims and get insight on why the claims have not yet been paid.

Billing Companies that use our billing services to status claims experience record high ROI on the claims due to the ability to process far more claims and get paid on claims they would have otherwise not had time to process. Our award winning solutions help billing services medical clients get ahead of their aged claims and get paid faster, or just get paid period.

Billing Service Companies

We work with a number of billing service companies as the outsourced department of the claims department. This is a good relationship for our billing service company clients due to the amount of time we can save them and the amount of claims our clients can process with the help of our claims departments gathered intelligence. With our help, billing service companies that we work with have become almost 20% more efficient on average, something we are proud to say.

Why is our billing services so important?

A billing service company can turn your inhouse billing office into a claim processing powerhouse, with the ability to process far more claims than ever before. We are able to bring ROI in the thousands of percent with the help of our highly trained expert staff.

Simply put, by using our billing services we can help your medical office get ahead of your aged A/R claims, once and for all.

Additionally, we understand the nature of insurance companies and their strict plicies regarding payment. WE can help you get paid because we understand the CPT codes required, the information requriements and many other reasons that a billing company would have their claims denied or put on hold.

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