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Medical Billing Outsourcing at a Competitive Rate provides the complete solution to your medical billing requirements at a competitive rate. is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic sectors of the health care industry. We serve as intermediaries between physicians or other health care providers and insurance companies, be they private or government-owned. Our process involves collecting fees from insurance companies in order to compensate doctors and healthcare providers for their services. We excel at providing one of the best services in the industry, helping our clients collect from the insurance companies faster than ever before.

We Deliver
  • Significant investment in systems, software and personnel designed to streamline your billing and collection
  • Superior customer service — instant financial reporting, your own account executive, and 24/7 customer service
  • What Makes us different?

    With offices from coast to coast throughout the US (and growing) we have over five decades of collective top management experience in medical billing services and fully understand the challenges in running both small and large medical practices. Our goal is singular – that is to increase the profitability & productivity of your business through a strategic partnership allowing you to increase revenues, decrease accounts receivable and simultaneously decrease costs and hassle.

    We serve over 500 medical practices nationally. By having multiple branches and the ability to work on multiple Practice Management platforms (from NextGen to SequelMed) we cater to most specialties very well. Furthermore – due to the breadth of our clients – we will put you with the team that best suits your needs from a specialty and geographical perspective.

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