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Specialty Medical Billing

Medical Billing Outsourcing at a Competitive Rate

Specialty Medical Billing

Medical offers a wide variety of specialty billing services to help create the best possible match with our clients. We have over 10 years of experience working on a multitude of different medical billing specialties:

Surgical Billing Hospitalist Billing OBGYN Billing
Urology Billing Laboratory Billing Orthopedic Billing
Radiology Billing Pain Management Billing Physical Therapy Billing
Why is Medical Specialty Billing so important?

A Medical Billing company that is unable to understand the specialty billing concept of knowing the inns and outs of a specific niche in the medical field will be unable to collect as much for their clients. They will not know the intricacies of the specialty and will take longer; or be unable to process the codes as efficiently, quickly or accurately as a medical billing company that knows the specific field. We have developed a state of the art program that helps track the specific niche requirements for each specialty, and therefore have created an award winning proprietary medical software program to help aid our customers in collecting the most possible revenue on the processed claims.

Why Choose Medical

When comparing a practice that employs a medical billing outsourcing company with a company that does its own in hosue billing ,there really is no comparison. The company that uses a medical billign outsourcing company experiences much higher ROI, much higher revenue, and best of all, higher time management ability. In fact, we have enabled practices to be up to10 times more efficient with their billing.

Doctors practices that use our medical billing software also experience an extremely refined state of the art software platform that allows for transparent claim processing, which really helps a doctors practice stay in the know and predict the revenue for the month. We include updated interfacing with our claim follow team that will help our customers stay ahead of aging claims and increase revenue by as high as 300%.

But why take our word for it? Just call us and ask for references in your specialty, we have tons of happy customers would love to spread the word

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